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Only one more episodes until the finale of Once Upon a Time, this episode focusing on the background of the mysterious writer August.

Spoilers ahead!

Fandom was correct. August is in fact Pinocchio, August's "sickness" being that he is slowly reverting back to his wooden self. I really liked the boy they picked to be young Pinocchio in the flashbacks. He was adorable. But I have no idea how young Pinocchio's red hair turned brown in adulthood...

This episode wasn't too bad. Not my favourite, as I still have the urge to smack Emma and David across the face every time they cross the screen. But I did feel a bit bad for Emma in the woods as she struggled with the thought that everyone's life rests on her shoulders (that would mess up anyone). That aside, August should have given her a good shaking when she started spouting crap about not believing in the fairytale world. Like gurl. Believe already.

I think Emma fleeing with Henry at the end was stupid. I mean, how far do you think you can run before Regina smites your ass? She is the QUEEN of screw-overs.

Taking about Queen R, I felt bad for her when she had dinner with David. Mary Margaret is right that she is lonely to the core. I mean, her own son hates her and wants to see her taken down.

David as usual was his dumbass self, but at least he didn't make out with women who set his true love up for murder. That would have been quite a rage face moment.

I really can't wait until next week. Queen Regina looks like she's stirring up shit quite nicely. And that is my favourite part of the show <3


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