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It's another new year and though it feels rather like the last year, I'm hoping that life will start changing positively as 2013 is my year to succeed in something other than video games.

Speaking of which, for a new year's gift, my dog chewed through the recharge cord for my 3DS. And as my 3DS is basically dead right now, I am not a happy camper. Like why dog why? I give you love and all you do is chew through my stuff and pee on things. I wanted to pretend I was fashionable and play Style Savvy: Trendsetters. (My lord is that game addictive. It's like the best go and play crack ever.)

On New Year's Day, I went and saw Les Miserables with a friend. It was okay; a little long for my taste and some some songs were overused.

I also really hated the guy who played Marius's singing voice. It sounded like he had a grate covering his vocal cords as he didn't know how to breathe properly. Very nasal. I liked Anne Hathaway's performance as the prostitute Fantine as she gave it her all. Hugh Jackman was alright but I didn't feel like he really got his singing voice until the end. Russell Crowe was miscast as his voice doesn't suit a musical; he's much more rock'n roll. Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen were well cast as the clowns of Les Miserables, but by the end I felt like their characters had overstayed their welcome; the movie didn't need their overused goodbye song at the end. Amanda Seyfried's Cosette was a little tinny and reedy, but she did the job well enough.

Okay that sounds like I really hated the movie and casting choices -- I didn't. I just like full bodied voices and the cast for the most part struggled with maintaining a strong vocal sound. But I still give all the actors props for doing a movie that is 98% singing.

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